What happened to Knux's Forums?


As you have noticed, Knux's Forum has been completely deleted. It was Knux that did this, unfortunately, and no posts/forums can be recovered other than what has been stored in the Wayback Machine. So we basically lost about 3 years of this community's history. Great.

For what it's worth, one of my plans was to obtain the databases from Knux's Forum and NSMBX in order to set up an archive, but I guess there's no reason to do that now. Would've been cool, though.

Knux decided to give me founder rights to his forum. What I've decided to do is make sure this forum doesn't come back in any state. I'm sorry to those who really liked this place - if you want to create new forums, feel free, but it won't be at knuckles96.prophpbb.com. If you have any data on Knux's Forum (e.g. your avatar/signature, because that's all that's left) that you want returned to you, let me know. Act fast, though, because ProphpBB will probably delete the forum within a matter of time.

So, in conclusion, I never wanted it to end like this. But since it did, I'm going to leave it as is. Thanks for the understanding. - Joey

Please head over to the SMBX Forums if you want to participate in the community.